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Contact address : In Bruxelles. 200516 Bruxelles Bruxelles Belgique.

- Who we are…

We are a group of ordinary European citizens who have joined together to form the Movement towards a European  Education Trust (MEET) to take advantage of an important new initiative set up by the Lisbon Treaty – the Citizens’Initiative.

 “A European citizens’ initiative is an invitation to the European Commission to propose legislation on matters where the EU has competence to legislate. A citizens’ initiative has to be backed by at least one million EU citizens, coming from at least 7 out of the 27 member states. A minimum number of signatories is required in each of those 7 member states.” For us citizens, it is OUR chance to have OUR view known on a subject that we believe is crucial for the well-being of next generations and for the future of Europe."


- Why?

We truly believe that Education, the Environment and theEconomy are keys factors in the strengthening of Europe and in the building ofa European identity. According to the TNS Opinion & Social report led bythe European Commission (2011), the main concerns for European citizens revolvearound these factors — and more specifically youth employment. Moreover, onecan also perceive a general wish from Europeans to improve the educationallevels across the continent.



MEET advocates for a EUROPEAN  EDUCATION for all, a multicultural andmultilingual schooling including a more thorough European dimension in therespective curricula of each country, from primary to secondary school levels,and recognized by the European Baccalaureate.


- Think about it!

At the heart of an ever more solid and competitive Europe,it has become of primary importance for young graduates but also for our futuregenerations to grow up in a multicultural European environment, in order tobroaden their life and professional perspectives on the EU scale.



- How?

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) will provide aunique opportunity to enable citizens, for the first time, to request action ona specific issue in the form of a petition to the Commission. To fulfill ourproject, we need to gather 1 MILLLION SIGNATURES across Europe in order to beable to present it to the EU Commission and have it forwarded to the EUParliament so that we as professors, students, pupils, and parents, but alsoYOU as Europeans, can eventually improve Education in Europe.


We want to provide a means for all actors in the educationalfield (professors, teachers, parents, students, associations, organisms, etc.)to come together, share and debate through a multi-stakeholder platform abouthow to improve Education and to promote a European dimension in primary andsecondary schools curricula throughout EU countries. Eventually, all Europeanswould be able to benefit from a qualitative and plural educational model,compatible with the objectives of “Europe 2020.”



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